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Summit's gatherings combine art, talks, culinary experiences, music, and wellness activations with countless surprises, immersive adventures, and incredible people.


We seek out the best known leaders across all disciplines, as well as the yet to be discovered up and comers.

In addition to being on the cutting edge, Summit requires these individuals to be well meaning, kind people that work to foster dialogue, friendships, and problem solving with a simple goal: make the world a better place.


Through a series of invitation-only events, Summit fosters a global community of entrepreneurs, athletes, scientists, artists, non-profit founders, musicians, astronauts, authors, chefs, engineers, explorers, magicians, monks, painters, philanthropists, and thought leaders.


Choose your own adventure

At our events, you could find yourself making a 3D printed bird nest one minute, end up in a speakeasy eating dim sum the next, mix in a breathing class taught by an Olympian, hop to a talk by a renowned tech leader, and finish with a violin performance. It's your adventure and there's countless ways to play it.


We produce four types of events



Held yearly


Our annual, three-day, pull out all the stops main event.  This is where we highlight the best and up and coming artists, speakers, musical performances, wellness experts, top chefs, and more. The best part: everyone staying overnight near one another for three nights making new friends and seeing old ones.


Held in your local city

Sporadic, brief pop-up events in major cities often co-hosted by local community members. These range from post-work cocktails to dinners to music to meditations to all those and more combined.



Various guided trips abroad


Group trips take the community places where members can deepen relationships, unplug, and immerse in learning a local area.



Mountain Series

Weekend retreats


Three-night weekend adventures to Powder Mountain's four-season resort in Eden, Utah provide a taste of Summit with everything from skiing, horseback riding, hiking, biking, boating, golf, sunset cocktails, long table dinners, massages, comedy, music, and more.


Part TED-talk, part Davos, part Burning Man, Summit has grown into a global collective.

— Departures Magazine


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