Summit Institute


 The Summit Institute’s mission is to apply creative solutions to real-world challenges related to the environment, education, the arts, health, and social innovation.


The nonprofit arm of Summit

Summit Institute pursues its mission by orchestrating large-scale conservation projects, bringing art access to our community and the world, and convening events in inspiring physical environments.

These gatherings further social innovation by bringing together leaders in various fields to develop creative, actionable solutions that can be disseminated strategically throughout Summit’s vast community of influencers.

Learn more about our three main initiatives below.


Artist in Residency Program

The Summit Institute Art program is a thriving, creative platform that brings Artists-in-Residence to Summit gatherings and public art to the beautiful Ogden Valley and Powder Mountain.


Summit Institute Lab 

We have pioneered the Summit Institute Lab model to gather social innovators on a variety of topics, including a cutting-edge conference on the applications of Blockchain for Social Good along with Social Bonds, Criminal Justice, Veterans, and Ocean Conservation.

Protecting our habitat

The Summit community has a strong history of commitment to conserving our land and ocean natural resources and spaces. We continue to partner with great conservation leaders to ensure the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains and our vast oceans for future generations.


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