Dewar's W+ Scholarship

In partnership with Dewar's, Summit will offer four emerging female entrepreneurs an opportunity to attend Summit LA17. Learn more and apply below.

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Summit is partnering with Dewar's to offer four female entrepreneurs an all-inclusive, complimentary ticket to attend Summit LA17.

Who qualifies

Examples of prospective candidates include: emerging female entrepreneurs, those working in under-served American communities, and early-stage female start-up founders who have passion and innovative ideas to solve big problems.

About the scholarship

The Summit W+ Scholarship seeks out and recognizes emerging female leaders who represent diverse communities and causes - women who are poised to benefit from exposure to the Summit community. See last year's winners→ 

Who can apply

Participants must be 25+ and older to apply.  Deadline to apply is October 5, 2016. Scholarship winners will be announced on October 15, 2016. 

Name *
What are you doing to make a positive impact?
What barriers have you broken down for yourself and others? How have you done well by doing good?
How do you think participating in Summit LA17 will benefit you and the work you do?

2016 Winners


Tara Pham

CTY interfaces with real-time city data to improve urban areas.


Isa Watson
Founder/CEO of Envested

Envested is a social workplace giving platform.


Olivia June Poole
Founder/CEO of VINA

VINA is a female friend-finder app.


Priyanka Bakaya
Founder/CEO of PK Clean

PK Clean is an alternative energy company.