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Speaker Guidelines



We're honored that you will be joining us to share your wisdom and insights with our community at Summit LA17.

Below you will find a few guidelines that will help as you prepare for your talk. 




Be the spark.

Your talk has the power to ignite a fire in some of the most influential people on the planet.




Just do you.

Everyone here already believes in what you do -- no need to advertise your company, book, or need for funding. Instead share your story, your ethos, your passion, and how these impact your work.




Respect the clock.

If you're part of a group discussion, remember that the conversation is most powerful when everyone has their chance to speak. If you're presenting on stage, you show the most respect for your audience by honoring the clock and leaving time for Q&A.




Provide a map and a compass.

It's not enough to just wow the crowd. Give them the tools to integrate what they've learned into their own lives when they return home on Monday.




Make it intimate.

The most impactful sessions are often the ones with smaller groups. People don't come to Summit to sit quietly—they come to participate. Your job: engage the room.




Have fun!

Above all, don't forget your smile! You're at Summit to make lifelong friends and positively impact those around you.


We'll see you on stage soon!

With gratitude and excitement,

The Summit Team


Have questions?

Please reach out to Thea Carew on our programming team.




Mon-Fri, 9a-6p ET




Any time

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