What's New at LA18


1. Condensed Campus

  • Campus to be consolidated on Broadway – no more InterContinental
  • Dramatically increased seating capacity by adding:
    • The Ace Theatre
    • The Palace Theatre
    • More storefronts, lofts, and open-air spaces

  • Schedule will be released earlier to better assign sessions based on popularity

  • Larger and more centrally located Wellness Haven

  • Expanded Orchard

Here’s an early look at the LA18 map:


2. Programming

  • More meetups and discussion sessions

  • Shorter plenaries

  • Each year, we have increased the diversity and inclusion of those represented on stage, and we are always seeking to improve. In 2018, greater diversity will be represented across the program. We welcome recommendations here.

  • Improved timing of headlining acts for less FOMO 

3. Dining

  • More flexibility on dining times and seating

  • Expanded Marketplace culinary options and hours

  • New reservation system in the works

4. The Street Experience

  • At LA17, we successfully coordinated LAPD, FBI, and Summit staff to provide safety with zero incidents. However, there were areas that lacked an adequate presence.

  • 4X more Summit street presence at LA18 by halving the campus footprint and doubling street staff

5. Transportation

  • Smaller campus = more walkable 

  • Buses will be replaced by a fleet of SUVs

6. Impact

  • We are exploring ways to expand Summit’s work locally to provide further volunteer opportunities for attendees with a particular focus on impacting the homelessness and hunger challenges still prevalent in the downtown area. 

7. Tech

  • A better, custom-built app