Summit Events



Held yearly

Our annual, three-day, pull out all the stops main event. This is where we bring together the best and up-and-coming artists, speakers, performers, wellness experts, top chefs, and more. The best part: everyone staying overnight near one another for three nights making new friends and seeing old ones. Join us in Los Angeles Nov. 2 - 5, 2018


Held in your local city

Sporadic, brief pop-up events in major cities often co-hosted by local community members. These range from post-work cocktails to dinners to music to meditations to all those and more combined. Now gathering weekly in NYC


Various guided trips abroad

Group trips take the community places where members can deepen relationships, unplug, and immerse in a local culture. Next destination: Kenya



Mountain Series

Weekend retreats

Three-night weekend adventures to Powder Mountain's four-season resort in Eden, Utah provide a taste of Summit with everything from skiing, horseback riding, hiking, biking, boating, golf, sunset cocktails, long table dinners, massages, comedy, music, and more. See you this winter