Summit Mountain Series

Summer Jam I

July 6 – 8


This Weekend

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Gather around a campfire under the stars with 125 new friends.


Satisfy all cravings with dessert pop-ups and other culinary surprises.

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Discover installations by local and international artists across the mountain.

Activate the body with serene forest yoga sessions.

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Take in the scenery on electric mountain bike tours.

Enjoy music experiences in the forest by live musicians and DJs.

More to be announced soon

Stephen Brooks

Nature Entrepreneur & Permaculturist

Hike Powder Mountain with one of the world’s leading naturalists, farmers, and permaculturists. Observe see the natural world through a new lens as every plant, insects, the soil, and more come to life as you learn about the interconnectedness of everything. Hear Stephen Brooks’ epic journey from city kid to radical Costa Rican nature pioneer, founder of three iconic brands: "EcoVilla" the off-grid, nature community; the Envision Music Festival; and Punta Mona, an 85 acre costal retreat center by the border of Panama, considered to have one of the best food forests and collections of rare and exotic fruits in the world.

Dr. Kevin Hainline


Kevin is a postdoctoral researcher working on the JWST NIRCam science team at Steward Observatory. The JWST NIRCam sets a new precedent for space observation - making the Hubble Space Telescope seem small in comparison.
In this guided experience, Dr. Kevin Hainline has us look upward to explore the patterns of the constellations, the stars that compose them, the histories that connect them, and where we fit into it all. We live under an exciting and vibrant sky – come and meet it.

Jessica Encell

Connection Alchemist
Founder, The Magic of Human Connection

Despite living in an age of unparalleled access and connectivity, isolation might be the greatest disease of our time. In addition to the great psychological challenge of isolation, recent studies indicate that isolation increases risk of stroke and other disease by as much as 30%.
Jessica, creator of The Magic of Human Connection, has designed blissful and powerful one-of-a-kind parties, experiemtal gatherings that incorporate play, community, connection, self love, celebration and joy to cultivate deep connection with amazing people.

Adam Ward

Visual Artist
Founder, Peace + Bricks

Adam is a multi-hyphenate artist who resides in Los Angeles. As a visual artist, he works primarily in LEGO. He has created major installations for Zappos, The Oscars, Tumblr, Warner Bros., Genentech, and more. His work has been featured in several magazines, such as Dwell and the LEGO centric, BLOCKS; as well as and Martha Stewart He's currently working on large scale collaborations with Nestlé, Microsoft, and as the resident artist at "Bricksburg" where the next several LEGO movies are being made. (Everything is Awesome!) He believes that play and creativity are two of the most important things in life, and strives to play and create everyday. He invites you to as well.

Lisa De Narvaez

Breathwork Instructor
Founder, Blisspoint Breathwork

Lisa specializes in working with individuals who are seeking to enhance their personal and professional lives and their relationships. She is an NYU-certified life coach, a human design specialist, a “calling in the one and true purpose” coach, a holistic health counselor, an anusara inspired yoga teacher, a voice dialogue and EFT practitioner and a reiki master. BlissPoint Breathwork is an active meditation that combines a simple, two-part breath practice with curated music and customized sound frequencies.

Lily Myers

Spoken Word Artist

Lily combines a love for writing with a passion for feminism, self-love, and body confidence to deliver beautiful, timely spoken word.

What to expect

Each weekend offers over 10,000 acres of wilderness filled with hiking and biking trails, guest chefs, world-class speakers, emerging musical talent, outdoor activities, wellness programming, spa services, an incredible group of leaders to connect with and much more.


The official program starts on Friday afternoon at 4PM and ends Sunday afternoon at 4PM. 

Weekend lodging is Friday through Monday morning. We welcome attendees to stay the extra evening (Sunday) after official programming ends and head home Monday. Feel free to arrive before 4pm on Friday and enjoy the mountain prior to official program kickoff.


What's Included

  • 3 days of programming

  • Many activities and wellness experiences (some cost extra)

  • Talks and moderated discussions with leading minds

  • Gourmet meals and snacks

  • Evening music and/or comedy curated from around the world

Flights and travel to and from Eden, Utah are not included. See our refund policy.


Per adult: $1,200 (Prices increase May 31st)

Per young adult 13-17 yrs old: $900

Per child 6-17 yrs old: $600

Per child 1-5 yrs old: free

Costs not inclusive of lodging. See lodging details at checkout. 

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Where you'll be

Just over an hour's drive from Salt Lake City International Airport, Powder Mountain is a four season, 10,000 acre mountain and ski resort with lodges, co-working spaces, spa, gym, ski, biking, and hiking trails, chair lifts, art installations, and much more.

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