Who Attends

Finding other leadership organizations too stodgy, uninspiring, pretentious, or niche, we built Summit.


We work hard to build the kind of community that makes everyone feel comfortable to share, be vulnerable, be silly, and thrive.

So who gets invited to join?

Just two simple criteria - you gotta be...


On the leading edge


Artists, academics, authors, athletes, chefs, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders...wellness or zoology experts


Prepared to give


Ideas, advice, kindness, your ear, and your voice.

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How the Vetting Process Works


New Summiters are referred by existing ones or apply here.


Candidates are then interviewed by a Summit curator.  



Diversity of background, perspective, and capability is central to Summit's success. We believe diversity makes the community smarter, more effective and more interesting.  

We recognize that institutionalized bias makes it more difficult in many cases for women and some minorities to become leaders as young as others or at all. Adjusting for this, Summit offers discounted tickets and is a bit more lenient on the level of leadership for as many of those groups impacted as it can. In part for this reason, Summit is nearly half women, an unusual accomplishment for an ideas festival.


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